Notes on this Nation

Declaration of Independence rewritten only using a thesaurus.  

                    When in the Course of our events, our riots, our parties, our thoughts, our questions and our Decided time spent it becomes necessary for us to dissolve the political knots which have separated us from one another and to assume among the powers of our Earth Mother, a decent respect to the Opinions, Decisions and thought of Humankind.

             We... we.. we hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all People are created Equal.  That we are endowed by our Nation with certain Unalienable Rights.  With certain Rights of Responsibility: an opportunity for immunity. 
And among these rights is the right to Life, the right to live, the right to life.
The Right to Liberty is our privilage of Choice; it is our decided Voice; it is Freedom of everything; and release.  Liberty is our Enlightenment. 
And among these Rights are the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Right of Your pursuit of Happiness.  "And what you hear is now a test..."  To secure these Rights, Governments instituted by us, by US, deriving their Honust Powers from the consent of the Governed. (our consent) That, whenever any form of Government.. any form of Government.. whenever any form of A Government of Our consent becomes destructive to these ends, it is our Responsibility, the Right of the People, to alter or to abolish it.   The Right of the People to institute A new Governing outlet.   The Right of the People to spark our fundamental powers for Simple Principle of every Individual to express Happiness.  

             Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
             What so Proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
             If you could not fail through this perilous fight,
             What would you do to be Gallantly Streaming?
             When the rocket's red glare, and bombs burst in the air,
            It gives proof through the night that we allow this to be there.
Our Freedom of Choice is not only our suppressed voice saved, but what we are able to do because we are Brave.

(Original documented and plagiarized in image above)  

Written while my brother was in Afghanistan 2010:

Every time, tears never fail to find me. Every time I imagine the horrors that haunt him while he’s out fighting for OUR freedom, OUR set oil prices, OUR religious belief system... tears find me. 

He is right now rescuing the most psychologically damaged soldiers. They have stopped eating, stopped sleeping, stopped speaking to others because they live in OUR nation’s war.  What he sees will change him. 

He is smarter, wiser, and more witty than most of you, yet he will return home from work harmed. How come every American I know doesn’t talk about this war? Every American I know seems to avoid thoughts about it. Fucking ESCAPISTS, I wish I could plague all of you with a teardrop of anguish, so you too could feel immobilized. I am furious with this entire country for allowing this to go for so long; for placing some of the best members of this nation onto the tortured grounds of this earth and sending them back with torment in their minds and agony dulling their eyes.  

Independence Day Week Year July 5th, 2009 
Yesterday I went to a memorial of the good shepherd. It was a cemetery leveled with graves of soldiers and war heroes. In the corner, under an arch-way stood the Good Shepard. He held a lamb around his neck and a full fleeced sheep leaned at his side. His eyes were closed as he walked forward. He seemed content with his treasures and written in stone below his statue says "I shall not want." It was an impressive statement to make in a cemetery. None the less, it reminds me of life out here. I live with happy healthy people, we grow plenty of food, help each other build things and make the best of our days. About a fourth of us have lost our job in the past month but our gardens are happier.

well, there you have it. Some bits and pieces of my everyday. In between it all I practice my clarinet and harmonicas. Slow but steady pace here in Detroit. I hope I am onto something.

With love,

ps. My sister Sam took the picture a few 4th's ago.