Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Between Two and Three Dimentions

I have been painting onto glass layers since 2003 and consider this my life's practice. It fulfills my attraction to the action of painting and produces the satisfaction of a completed sculpture. In 2010 I explored forms found within bodies of water that can be found here:

Braincase :

Glass Head #3
78 layers of 1shot paint on beveled, low-iron glass

Glass Head #2

 Once the human form is mastered in any medium, then everything else will come easily.

Glass Head #1

The first attempt at creating a three-dimensional painting. Created in Florence, Italy.

Firenze,  Italia.

An example of the layered drawings I practice when I am not working with glass.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sea Series
: in glass :

Patch of Sea: The Mathematician
56 layers of ink on glass

Patch of Sea: The Imagination
59 layers of ink glass

Black Lady Water Drop
7 layers of paint on glass

Wisdom of the Sea
5 layers of paint on glass

School of Woman
12 layers of ink and paint on glass

(Patch of Sea Photographed by Mark Tucker)

Glass Head #3
78 layers of paint on glass