I currently teach art enrichment through the Community Arts Program at the College for Creative Studies. I also teach four interdisciplinary art courses at the Hamtramck Recreation Center, ages 4 years to 90 years. The next round of classes start April 5th, 2011. Please visit the center for information on how to sign up for my classes. 

Monster Making Class at the
Hamtramck Recreation Center, 2010

Teaching at University Preparatory Academy: 
Mixed Media Art and Urban Gardening 2008-2009

The difference between abstract and geometric shapes starting with the differences of how farmers plant in comparison to nature.

Teaching sun symbols allows for further explanations of Native Americans, solar energy and the general idea of a symbol.

Cross-hatching and dream houses.
Cross-hatching, use of color and collage.
Cross-hatching, use of color and collage.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the art, but we made cut out collages of black and white images of presidents and the statue of liberty a week before and a week after the elections. They were made on postcard size pieces of paper and mailed to the White House after Obama was elected.
Starting seeds indoors
Seed Bombs
Making Seed Bombs

Teaching how to use a pitchfork in the garden.

Using the pitchfork.